We've expanded our ranks to include a team of professionals with long-term experience in the field of data security and camera systems.


The new team is involved in proposing, realizing and providing technical support for data storage, back-up, data deduplication and other areas.

Camera systems comprise not only passive storage, archiving and the management of record life cycle but also the detection of assorted matters in image information, thus becoming an active part of security and record keeping.

Our experienced team is able to provide prompt 24/7 technical support for data storage, especially of a back-up and archiving character. This involves tape devices, midrange disk systems, the MAID platform, SAN infrastructure, and the back-up and archiving of software from global leaders.

We are expanding our offer of products and solutions in this manner. Thanks to synergy, we also anticipate additional improvements in our other services currently in the existing areas of SAP and ESRI information systems.