As part of the AMM project implemented for ČEZ ICT, Pontech supplies GIS and reporting as a member of the consortium composed of HP, Ness, Landys & Gyr, ZPA, Schrack and Transtech. Logica ModemTec, Pontech, Gorlitz, Echelon and others also contributed to the project.

Deploying AMM (Advanced Metering Management) technology is part of the innovative FUTUR/E/Motion programme (, which is used by CEZ to respond to current trends in the European Union. AMM technology is useful in monitoring energy consumption in buildings, taking electricity readings, and gas, water and heat measurements can be incorporated into the whole system. The advantage is two-way communication between supplier and consumer of energy. With AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) it is possible to implemented automated systems for managing electricity supplies and automatic meter reading (Advanced Metering Management AMM).

The AMM project will also enable CEZ Group customers to acquire a comprehensive overview of the use of electricity in their homes. They we can effectively optimize energy costs and avoid the unnecessary waste of energy, thereby saving money and contributing to environmental sustainability.

The project is currently in the extended phase of the pilot project; smart energy meters and related infrastructure have already been installed at the test sites for verification purposes. The intense testing of all technology and communications is underway. All is supported by detailed reporting for tracking and analyzing the behaviour of all parts of the solution.