Content management

As regards Enterprise Content Management, our focus is primarily on technologies of document management and management of non-structure digital content and information. The main technology areas where our team has acquired long-term experience and know-how include Document Management System, Web Experience Management, form/print solutions, digitisation, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) / ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

Our solutions utilise platforms by international vendors like Adobe Systems, EMC2, and ABBY.


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Adobe Web Experience Management solution (also referred to as 'Adobe CQ') helps companies optimise digital channels for acquisition of new customers and visualisation (offering) of specifically targeted content. Use of Adobe Web Experience Management leads to higher level of conversion and development of a stable and loyal customer relationship to the brand.


Adobe LiveCycle ES is a solution designed for process automation. The characteristics of the system allows for expedient and effective deployment as an integration tool in the existing IT infrastructure.


The EMC2 Documentum product family is a set of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools.