The EMC2 Documentum product family is a set of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools.

One of the best commercially available tools in the category, it provides for complete content management, including simultaneous running of related processes, and offers a range of settings for customisation of appearance and functionality, which applies to graphic user interfaces as well as servers. It has been designed for the largest document storages.

The vendor supports the software platform by a comprehensive range of hardware equipment, e.g. storages of the Content Address Storage (CAS) type. The products by EMC2 are compliant with some of the most relevant content management standards, e.g. the Content Management Interoperability Services(CMIS) interface by OASIS. Compliance with the applied national security and archive management standard is a natural feature.


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Data mailbox

Pontech has developed a tool for communication with the Data Mailbox Information System (ISDS) for Adobe® LiveCycle® and EMC² Documentum platforms. The tool provides for reception of data mail messages and forwarding of the accompanying information contained in the data message,

including attachments, to the processes. Documents and accompanying information may also be added to a message and sent via the data mailbox information system.

The connector to the data mailbox information system allows not only for reception and sending of data messages, but also other operations required for general work with ISDS. The connector features comfortable setup options facilitating development and implementation of data message processing procedures.