Adobe Web Experience Management solution (also referred to as 'Adobe CQ') helps companies optimise digital channels for acquisition of new customers and visualisation (offering) of specifically targeted content. Use of Adobe Web Experience Management leads to higher level of conversion and development of a stable and loyal customer relationship to the brand.

This set of tools offers the latest digital marketing channels. The most attractive of them include Mobile (mobile applications), Social (full use of impact and potential of social networks), and content personalisation. The trend of digital campaign consolidation and multi-channel distribution is also supported.


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CQ2SAP connector

The effort to attract customer attention and to provide the customer with optimised and personalised digital content calls for the need to make use of information about customers stored in the SAP CRM system or other SAP modules, or to provide for SAP functionality in B2B or B2C channels.

CQ2SAP connector developed by Pontech offers the possibility to extend the features of Adobe CQ WCM with SAP integration. It enables designers to create websites in Adobe CQ to display data of SAP functionalities or forms, from which the filled data will be saved back in SAP.


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