Data administration, backup and archiving

The rapid development of ICT technologies, increasing demands for computing power and the transmitted volumes of data, as well as high demands for permanent data availability result in establishment of central data storage systems (CDS). CDS constitute an essential component of computing systems. Central data storage systems are being transformed into so-called clouds – private and public ones – bringing a new marketing wave called "Big Data" by all vendors.

Pontech takes partnership with customers seriously. When designing and implementing data storages, Pontech compares the requirements for capacity, performance, manner of utilisation, stability and availability as well as other factors with the possibilities offered by available technologies. We always strive to select the best and the most effective solution suited to your needs.

A suitably designed central data storage becomes an "open solution" allowing for:

  • better distribution of space according to actual needs of capacity and performance required for primary and archived data
  • optimisation of capacity utilisation and extension as required
  • full redundancy of all components with the possibility of data migration and de-duplication
  • simplification and centralisation of administration of the central data storage