Project management typically requires software tools providing for different functions according to the needs of the specific customer and project. Such tools range from the very basic ones catering for plain registration of projects, via tools generating typical project outputs and tools (Gantt diagram, WBS, etc.), to complex EPM (Enterprise Project Management) systems. EPM systems may be either self-standing, or integrated in the resource planning and management systems (ERP) and they include features for coordination of the project system, risk management, financial planning, capacity planning and optimisation, etc.


Allycon is a secure online cloud system providing for management of one or several interlinked projects that may be subject to cooperation of multiple teams of several participating companies. The system is based on state-of-the-art technical principles, minimising implementation laboriousness. The user may start working in an extremely short time, while implementation is not excessively demanding with regard to ICT resources.

The solution covers all main principles of project management and teamwork (process modelling, standardisation and management, task distribution and supervision, document management including versions, team management combined with effective setup of access rights, secure internal e-mail communication, etc.).

Team Assistant

Team Assistant is a process oriented tool providing not only for formal description of processes, but also effective management, evaluation and further optimisation. Close linked to processes is also assignment and evaluation of fulfilment of tasks, deadlines, substitutability and delegation of actions, or any other typical activities involved in every project, as appropriate. The Team Assistant environment also allows for effective archiving and management of documentation.