The continually developing world of information and communication technology makes it possible to collect and use a growing amount of information in digital form. However, this indisputable advantage of the modern age presents individuals and organisations with a number of challenges related to the effective storage of this information and access to it.

The volume of data in the databases of a wide range of applications is continually growing, leading to problems with the performance of computational algorithms and searches, response time, backup, restoration, maintenance, upgrade and migration of information systems and databases. SAP applications are also subject to these general problems. Data archiving is one effective way to resolve the aforementioned problems.

A well implemented archiving project that:

  • in a complicated data model identifies appropriate data objects with the greatest benefit for resolving problematic places in use, administration and operation;
  • provides consistent archiving and the removal of data from operational databases;
  • maintains the necessary availability of archived information;

is typically a long-term and financially significant matter.

Nevertheless, collecting important input information for making a decision to realise a project of this type needn't be so demanding. A SAP Archiving Study by Pontech is an affordable option that takes a matter of days and places a minimal burden on the client's systems and employees.