Implementation of CCTV systems contributes to improved security, protection of persons and property as well as prevention of negative phenomena.

  • The implemented analogue or IP security CCTV systems are capable of capturing and transmitting video virtually from anywhere.
  • Integrated analytical tools quickly and effectively detect relevant events within the large volumes of captured data and assist the security service personnel to quickly analyse the situation and implement corrective or preventive measures.

They also allow for automatic detection of potential as well as actual violation of security and subsequent launch of a sequence of reactions and measures defined in advance by the security policy. CCTV systems may be accompanied by different perimeter monitoring systems (detection of intrusion to surroundings of important premises or facilities).

Storage and archiving of video recordings is always defined by the actual needs and importance; the implemented systems allow for archiving data for several days to several years. The robust solution supports simultaneous management and intelligent distribution of video, centralised remote administration and monitoring as well as diagnostics of the entire system. All of the above facilitates administration of the video system in the dynamic situations of present life.

For over ten years Pontech specialists have focussed primarily on the design of camera system architecture on the platform of products from the Canadian firm Genetec. Our team has performed numerous important implementations.